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Episode 5

I was waiting for night time. I even asked my mum if I could sleep at 6 in the evening. But she asked me why would I sleep so early. Because I used to, still do if I can sleep at 1 in the morning again still do. I think the problem is that she cannot make dinner early. But get the same answer, no. Even with a different question.

I slept at my normal bed time. After dinner I drank hot chocolate milk. Because I have less calcium in my body. I need Energy, Power. Hungry me.

I closed my eyes. Breathed in and out. All the tension of studies, kid’s problems (problems only kids understand that adults think as petty issue or problems adults think kids do not understand) all went like –whoosh. Boom.

There was no Lucifer just Joanna. Wearing a tight dark black jumpsuit with her skinny body. Only 10 kgs. I tried defeating her score. But 25 kgs was my last. Behind her stood a room. It had about 6 dark-coloured laptops with a shiny strip of pink and turquoise and other devices but one of the items in the room really caught my eye, it was a full collage of kids and I could see there every moment.

After a second. Annie came. We stood there blank. Now I think out of it it must be a really awkward moment for Joanna. She broke the silence.

“Umm. Agent Crystal and Emerald. I am your trainer. I will prepare you to learn how to fight a demon and track them. And also, the laws of Super spy. After you have fully trained and prepared. You can choose which path you want to follow.

And Crystal your sister has chosen the Law path. Hope she is ready for the exam. Your mother on the other hand is new to super spy. But she does not prefer super spy. Although your father is the detective. Your grandfather is detective and a fighter. And the head of the super spy.

You are meant to be the descendent of the super spy so you are the next head. After 4-5 years. So, you both are my most important assignment.” Joanna told. “Come on. No time to spare.” she told quickly clapping her palms together. “Quick Quick”

“What are we going to do? And how did I come here? If my parents find out I am not at home. They will think I got kidnapped. Worst case scenario. Someone killed me.” Annie told.

“No normal person can kill you. If they try, your battle reflexes will activate. We teach you how to control them and use them. From the minute you were born. You had a spy cam inside you. And when we think you are ready. We open the portal.” “Come on now.” she smirked kindly. (If there is anything like that. I have actually never seen her sad though. I do not know why I am thinking that. But okay go on)

I and Annie nodded. We followed Joanna into a room. “You will understand about Super Spy. Do you trust me? I am new to this world. You are my first alone project. I have to make you understand about a world even I have not experienced fully.” Joanna asked.

“Here you go, this book has everything you need to learn about super spy. I will give some revision points. Understand them. After that I will give you your first assignment. It may be dangerous. Fine, it is dangerous. Watch your 6.”

“After you pass the test, I will give you next week at School during breaks. You will get a whole house to complete your assignment. You can redecorate. It will be yours. Ever need any help. I am here for you guys.” she told smilingly.

 “Practice for the exam.”

The next thing I know, I am at home. I really need to get used to this home to super spy. Super spy to home thing. Because travelling is not my strong suit. Once while travelling in a car in the ghat. My stomach twisted and turned. And of course I vomited.

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