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Episode 4

Break Time!

The bell rang. And I was about to run to the library. When Annie pulled me back. And told “Stop. I need to write the last point.” 

After she wrote we ran to make a stop at the bathroom before going to the library, one of my favorite places to go deep inside the books, a new world. A land filled with unknown mysteries. But now it seems my dream is a book. That is what interests me to read others adventures. And tell my story at The Super Spy. Opening hidden past lives,Discovering new doors ; Solving mysterious adventures, In unknown lands, There are mysteries, Awaiting to be solved

Travelling throughout the world, Meeting new people ; Being lost all alone, In a completely new land

756 Magical World Of Books Stock Photos and Images - 123RF

 But enough about new worlds. I showered Annie with questions about her visit at the super spy agency. “Have you met Lucifer? And do you know that I am the descendent of Victoria, one of the founders of Vilcalia. And the Zalion is so tasty I want to taste it again. It looked so magical.” I was about to talk more about the Zalion and Lucifer. I told at the bathroom in front of the mirror, before she stopped me. 

“What? I do not know who is Lucifer and Zalion?” she asked unknowingly about my talk with Lucifer. 

“Did you not talk with a feeble old man with a shiny white sparkling beard?” I asked

“No. Mine was different but same at some parts,” she told. “Weird. Let us tell each of our dreams at the cafeteria. Come. Let us go.” We reached a cafeteria filled with kids talking and playing with food. 

I and Annie picked up our bags and went to find a table. 

Yesterday night. I was sleepy. So, I went to bed. I fell asleep early. As I closed my eyes. I looked at a colorful mixture of pink, light blue, dark blue, dark black. With a shiny sparkle. Like someone added a bunch of silver glitter to it.” Annie continued. 

“Then I reached a long, narrow tube. I went inside it. I saw fights between a person, who could do magic. Like the ones in the book, we read during break. He was wearing a dark black jacket. He looked scary. I could not see his face. I only saw the black color behind the jacket. He was fighting with an older version of you. You got hit by magic. Then he summoned a monster. The monster looked like bad. You seemed angry. Like you would rupture out any moment. I could see the flaming red color in your face, filled with anger about something specific.” she took a moment to breathe and asked. “Was it you that I saw. Did the man in the black jacket do something to trigger you? Have you ever met him or anything?”

“I do not know. But go on with your dream. I am curious.” She went on with her dream as I told her.“I entered a room with a person on a video call or something. It felt like something from the future. The women told me 

“Welcome, Annie William to Super Spy. Before you shower me with questions. Super spy is from the future. We ask kids from the past to come to the future to help us. You are selected to help us. One of our old agents is in your area will train you and prepare you for the super spy. And tell you more about us. I hope to see more from you, Ms. Gray. With you, another trainee will come. “

She got a call and went. The next thing I saw was my mum yelling at me to wake up.”

“Why is it so cold in the morning?” she told complainingly distracted by the real topic. “I could not get myself to walk up. But a thought saying meeting a super spy agent will prove my dream is real woke me up.

Now, your dream.” I told about my talk with Lucifer and everything. Annie wanted to taste Zalion. Even I did. 

“Hi, Jessica and Annie. We need to talk somewhere private.” Joanna told. “Okay.” I and Annie echoed. When we were about to go. The bell rang and the break was over.  “It is okay. We will talk after school. Outside. Do not forget. It is important. Just like the future.” Joanna said. 

After Joanna went. “She is an agent at Super Spy. She gave a clue.” We wanted to talk to Joanna but she was always busy or with her friends. There was no right time. 

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