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Episode 3

I couldn’t wait for home time. Time is a very confusing thing. When I want it to go fast it goes slower than a snail. But when I want it to go slow, it goes fast.

What Is Time and a Half? | How to Calculate Time and a Half

I wonder how many years it took Victoria, Lucifer, Alex, and Zaria.

“When will it be night-time?” I groaned.

“Same here” groaned my BFF, Annie.

“Why are you waiting for night-time?” asked my BFF Annie.

“Do not tell anyone, But, yesterday night something unusual happened. Let us meet up at the break in the library. There will be a logical explanation for what we saw”.

“Do you think we both got the same dream? If we are, do you think we are long-lost sisters or something like the one in the movie we watched.”

Before I could reply, the mathematics teacher interrupted our conversation. “Children,” she said with a little cough.

Maths was a pretty hard subject for me, theories are my favourite. But it keeps changing, one year I like social, the other English, sometimes science.

How to Learn Mathematics Easily

But in 2nd grade, I was a big fan of maths. just because my teacher gave me a star. That day was the best.

I never really liked the subject because I never was good at it. I am improving in it though, but still not my favourite.

The shining blue star sticker ma’am gave was so pretty. I stuck it in my maths book, to remind me of this day.

But at the year-end, the sticker would not come out and I had to throw the book out so I tore the page with the star.

Eventually, I lost it. It was small so I did not lose it. It disappeared like Lucifer.

I focused my attention on the teacher. After the end of the class, I and Annie went to the next class.

It was science, an interesting subject. After that was social, easy.

What I Have Learned from Social Science - Social Science Space

So, I and Annie decided to talk on a piece of paper. She wrote “Let us talk here.” We are pretty good at writing without seeing. We faced our heads towards the teacher and wrote.

200 kgs of chits seized from Gujarat Board Class XII exam centre in Junagadh

But then we had to write notes, so lunch break it is.

I was pretty naughty, at times. Fine, who am I kidding? I was always naughty.

Even as a kid I was very naughty and had a large appetite, I still do. I am also a fast writer. I remember a time as a kid

During LKG, wait I think it’s UKG. But who cares?

I was writing alphabets. I learned it earlier than my fellow classmates. I wrote it so fast that I even wrote it before the teacher wrote started writing the alphabet. And made a dive into my lunch box. The smell of food, yummy. I get sent an extra one because of my appetite.

When the teacher spotted me. I hid the lunch box. She asked for my notes and I handed them to her.

“Good. Neatly written.” ” What comes after the letter ‘M’?” she asked questionly, as she saw a part of my lunchbox.

“N,” I hid the lunchbox in my books and told proudly, as I knew the answer.

She started asking me questions and I answered them correctly time by time.

“What were you doing while I was writing me alphabets? “Asked my teacher.

I was taught not to lie to adults. So, I told “eating “clearly.

“Why was that”

“Because I was hungry, ma’am “

“Did you understand what I told you right now”

“Yes ma’am. I know all of it.”

She snatched my lunchbox. But i never gave up. I pulled with all my force. And proved i was stronger than the teacher.

The teacher had no idea what to do as i knew the alphabets. So she continued the class and I ate and wrote.

Teaching: A Calling vs. Profession – I AM NYACK

After class, she informed my mum. Well, that was that. After class, she informed my mum. Well, that was that.

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