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Episode 1

Hello! I am an agent at The Super Spy. The Super spy is a group of kids who can travel to another portal and save the world from evil people. It is the future, Another Earth.

There are many branches at the Super Spy with team Heads. But do not think it is a world of kids only, there are adults also. Who understand kids and help them. They are judges in the court and teachers who train children to become Super Spy and the adults are also politicians, the good ones. The bad, mean politicians are sent to learn their mistakes and resolve them.

I will tell you more about super spy as we go along and in some of my cases.

I came into the world of super spies at the age of 6. Some are early or some late. When kids be kids and get rid of the exams tension and studies and be calm and be happy. They are taken in Super Spy.

It’s a world where they can be anything. Why wait till the age of 18 to get rights? When they can get it now. Children are way smarter than adults think. The kids who show it are called child prodigy, while those who take time to understand are underestimated and are called ADHD children .

At a normal night, when I went to bed, I was pretty tired of playing with friends and studying.

As I closed my eyes, it was pitch black. When I saw a galaxy colour pink, blue, black. It was beautiful, the most extraordinary thing I had ever seen with shining stars.

I was going in it. I reached place with a narrow tube. I stared at it for a while, and thought to go inside and see what will happen. It showed pictures of Famous Super Spy kids with those was mine too …

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